Entrance Requirements

General Requirements

  • SNMPTN is a national selection pattern based on the search of academic achievement results by using the report card from semesters 1 (one) to semester 5 (five) for SMA / MA and SMK with learning period of 3 (three) years OR semester 1 (one) to semester 7 (seven) for SMK with learning period of 4 (four) years, as well as Academic Portfolio
  • Schools and Student Data Base (PDSS) is a database that contains a track record of school performance and student achievement
  • Schools whose students follow SNMPTN must have a National School Identification Number (NPSN) and fill in the student achievement data in PDSS
  • Students who are eligible to take SNMPTN are students who have a National Student Identification Number (NISN), has superior performance, and track record of achievement in PDSS
  • Students who will enroll in SNMPTN must read the information on the selected university‚Äôs site on the provisions concerning the admission of New Students

Special Requirements

Requirement for School:

Schools whose students are eligible to take SNMPTN 2016 are:

  • SMA / MA / SMK public and private, including the School of the Republic of Indonesia (SRI) having NPSN and have completely and correctly filled out PDSS.

Requirement for Students:

The students of SMA / MA / SMK in the final grade on 2016 who are:

Has a superior performance that candidates enter the best ranking in school in semester 3, 4, and 5 with the provisions based on the school accreditation as stated below:

  • Accreditation A, 75% of the best in school
  • Accreditation B, 50% of the best in school
  • Accreditation C, 20% of the best in school
  • Other Accreditation, 10% of the best in school