On the Job Training

The focus of On-the-job-training program in the department Management of Resort and Leisure is to improve specific skills and general skills of students as stated in KKNI level 6 (undergraduate level). The specific skills acquired through PPL program are:

  1. Compile the results of scientific tourism study to make the right decisions based on analysis of information and data;
  2. Develop attractions and tourism activities and travel and leisure resort management program;
  3. Has the responsibility to carry out measured tasks related to the management of tourism either independently or in groups;
  4. Has ethical manners and hospitality as well as be able to communicate globally and develop networking with colleagues or peers, both inside and outside the institution.


PPL activities carried out by students of Management Resort & Leisure in semester 7 (seven). As in each school year, the program is started in April-June for the initiation phase (the selection of the location of the PPL program based on the existing criterion), July-August for student selection by the parties of the selected PPL location, and from September to February for the implementation phase of PPL program.