Alumni of the Study Program of Management of Resort & Leisure is incorporated in MRL Tourism Bachelor Alumni Association (IKA Marel –Ikatan Alumni Sarjana Pariwisata MRL). It was founded on April 29, 2012. Some of the activities undertaken by the alumni as a contribution in the development of the study program, among others, are below.

– Talent Scouting Program

The alumni contributions cover coaching and tutorial of certain subjects. It is in particular with regard to researches, the subject tasks, guiding SMEs, and student organizations. The contributions give some improvements of academic quality, including the passage of the Higher Education PKM program, implementation of student work camp activities, and a variety of other student activities.

– Roadshow to promote the Study Program of Management of Resort & Leisure

The Roadshow is one of the activities carried out in order to promote the Study Program of UPI. The alumni help the study program in the roadshow program by visiting public high school or vocational high school, both in town and out of town.

– Donation of facilities

Activities carried out by IKA Marel have contributed much to the development of the study program, both material and immaterial. In material donations, alumni association has contributed to the development of SMEs angklung and arumba, in the form of facilities bamboo musical instruments. In addition, for the academic activities, the contribution of IKA MRL is in the form of donations of books related to learning activities and the development of tourism that is currently stored in the library.