Research Based Tourism and Hospitality Programme

Management of Resort and Leisure (MRL) has a Vision to become a prominent tourism programme specializing in Resort and Leisure Management. We support Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia’s long-term vision to become a Research Based University by integrating research into curriculum. In order to achieve this vision, the programme interpret the vision to several specific missions that cover assignment, responsibility, obligation, and action plan such as:

(1) Organizing tourism undergraduate education to produce professionals that are trustworthy and able to develop the potential of natural and human resources headed for strengthening national and global tourism;

2) Carrying out research and development in the field of leisure resort management science;

3) Performing community service activities and leisure resort management areas that correspond with the needs and the development of society, science, and technology; and

4) Expanding access and networking with national and international stakeholders of tourism.

The programme implements contextual curriculum, teaching, and learning system supported by practicum and field survey, case study, and internship in tourism industry/agency. The Study Program also facilitates the development of students’ interest, talent, and skills through several activities in arts and culture, and scientific innovation and creativity.

The learning process in this program is the content delivery by using a variety of approaches, such as: classroom lectures, discussions between lecturers and students or among students to improve students’ ability in expressing their ideas. In addition, the practices are also applied in fields that require students to go directly to tourist destinations as laboratory. By this activity, students are expected to gain a deeper understanding of actual conditions in the field. Students are also enriched with practices that are intended as the implementations –such as seminars, exhibitions, and others. Towards the end of study period, students are also required to carry out activities of the Academic Training Program/On The Job Training (OJT). In this program, students will gain learning and experiences that are related directly to the work in the field of tourism. This program is held at various hotels and resorts around Indonesia.

Management of Resort and Leisure is accredited “A” based on the decree of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education Number 056/BAN-PT/Akred/S/II/2014.