Student Support

  • Academic Services

The entire academic serviceve has online system, which is backed up by conventional procedure. Some academic system that is given to students are

  1. subjects contract system (;
  2. students supervision system (;
  3. scoring access system (;
  4. scoring entry system (;
  5. integrated online learning system (; and
  6. online library system (
  • Basic Services
  1. Debriefing students to be proud of themselves and their achievements;
  2. Reward or award for outstanding students;
  3. Skills in decision making and problem solving;
  4. Awareness that the study program (students, faculty, and staffs) is comprised of various cultures that makes them have to respect the diversity of ethnics, religious views, races, and groups;
  5. understanding the responsibility of duties and functions for all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Individual Plan:
  1. Introduction of the postgraduate departments/programs in the country and overseas through the discussions for those who want to continue their study;
  2. Introduction of potential jobs that are supported by the on site job training program;
  3. Informal introduction to alumni who have worked and have links for students need jobs; and
  4. Career Development Planning.
  • Responsive Service (Counseling and Consultation):
  1. Academic supervision in the beginning of each semester;
  2. Guidance by supervising lecturer during the study period;
  3. Mentoring in field lectures and lab works;
  4. Guidance implementation and preparation of Job Training;
  5. Supervision in the implementation of the thesis preparation;
  6. Assistance in the completion of the thesis; and
  7. Counseling Services.
  • Service of supporting facilities

Some supporting infrastructures for students have been provided by the universities, such as dormitories, clinics, sports facilities (soccer field, swimming pool, tennis court, and others), internal campus transportation vehicles, campus buses, etc.

  • Interest and talent

There are a variety of Student Activity Units. Students may join the units. The units cover fields of arts, culture, sports, reasoning, health, religious, special interest, and leadership.

  • Scholarships for incapable and high-achiever students

There are varieties of scholarship schemes that are offered. They are, among others, Bidik Misi Scholarship, local government scholarship, Bank Indonesia Scholarship, and others, which are given to students who are incapable, but have a good record. The scholarship is distributed through the selection processes.

  • Support for student mobility

In addition to academic scholarship scheme, there are also assistance for students who excel in academics and extracurricular activities, particularly for those who enter the competitions, both domestic and abroad