Study Room

Every classroom has LCD Projector, air conditioning, a white board, as well as desks and chairs that are adequate for maximum 40 students. There are 4 classrooms that can be used exclusively, two computer laboratories, and one discussion laboratory.

In order to enhance the ability to analyze and to prepare scientific studies, the effective media is a field laboratory. UPI provides the field laboratory located inside the campus area. They are, among others, the UPI dormitory and Isola Resort. The field laboratories that are located outside the campus area cover several tourist destinations in Java and Bali, museums, tourist villages, etc.

The facility which is used as a medium of learning in the Study Program consists of

– Visual media (text books, modules, magazine, poster);

– Projected still media (LCD projector, smart board);

– Projected motion media (CD, VCD, film);

– Media audio (tape recorder);

– Field media (museums, natural destinations, Isola Resort, dormitory of UPI); and

– Internet-based Media (e-learning;, learning resources: e-books, journals)